Does eM Client remember where to move new emails of earlier email thread?

Hi eM-Experts,
I am considering to move from TB to eM Client and would like to understand how smart emclient’s move-operation is:

Let’s assume I have received some emails on a certain email thread and have filed these emails into some (local or IMAP) mail folder. Now when a new email for this thread comes in and I am done with reading, will emclient suggest me to move this email into the same folder into which I had filed earlier emails of this thread? (in Thunderbird I need to manually select the target folder again and again for every incoming email.)

Note: I am not looking for a feature like message filters or rules, as this target folder is really different for every mail thread.

Unrelated simple question: are their any issues or restrictions with large (local) email archives (30GB+) ?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,

No, eM Client won’t suggest anything.

eM Client uses conversations, so all connected messages will be displayed in the conversation regardless of which folder they are in. Say you moved some messages to a sub-folder of your Inbox. Now a reply to one of those messages arrives and is in your Inbox. You reply to that and the sent message is in your Sent folder. You don’t move anything, but if you click on the message in your Inbox, you will see the whole conversation, including those messages in the sub-folder, and those in the Sent folder. So there is no need to move messages.

If the database is stored on a mechanical hard disk, there may be. Generally with the OS and database both being on an SSD, there are no issues with very large databases.

Thanks for the quick reply, @Gary

This is great. I like finding all the emails belonging to a conversation. - But once I have read/replied, I want to remove it from my inbox and have all messages filed in the respective folder. At that point it sounds like I need to manually navigate all the way through my folder structure again? No short-cuts like “move to same folder as this other message”?

This is one of the biggest time-consumers today.

Or do eM Client users follow a different approach for filing emails and keeping inbox clean? Like some tag managment (using a controlled set of tags) instead of folders?

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After you have read the message, right-click on the conversation and choose Move To Folder. That will move all the related messages, no matter where they are, to that destination - even if some of them are there already.

There are two ways that I think you could do this differently, but not as elegantly as conversations.

One involves moving the messages, and is done with Rules. If there is some common aspect to the messages you want in that folder, you can create a Rule to do that. Then messages will be moved automatically when they arrive, or even when you send replies. It will take a little time to setup and maintain.

The other method, which does not involve moving messages, is to create a Search Folder. This is a virtual folder that displays only the results of a search, similar to what you would use in a Rule but is more flexible, and has more options, in what it can do.

Thanks a lot for all your thoughts, Gary.

Hmmm, looks like I would still need to repeat the filing operation (and walk through my folder hierarchy) every time a new email comes in on a specific conversation … if I want my in box to stay clean … just like I do today in TB.

I wonder why this is not a common requirement for many users. If eM Client has comprehensive overview of where emails of a conversation are stored, one would guess it is not that difficult to offer a list of suggested folders when a user want does “Move To Folder”. - Probably much easier said than done. (I am in software development, so I love these “smart users” - like me - with all these great ideas :wink: )

Any way, I guess I need to keep on searching for my email client of dreams :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick and educated answers,

I think that the concept of conversations, at least when they are as fully implemented as they are in eM Client, or even Search Folders, negate the need to move messages to other folders. But we all have our ways of filing messages; hopefully you will find an ideal solution.