Does eM Client keep an open connection to my pop mail (Roadrunner). It seems to prevent me from getting my mail on my mobile phone.

If I don’t completely close out of eM Client on my computer, my mobile does not get my mail from my Roadrunner account.  Instead I get a message that another device is accessing my mail.  eM Client is the only other device that could be doing it.  I do not have this issue if I completely close out of eM Client.  I have never had this issue with any other email reader program before (Incredimail, Eudora, etc.).

Hi Holly, are you using IMAP or a POP3 account?
You can find this in Tools > Accounts > Your RR account.

If you’re using IMAP it’s possible Roadrunner is limited to one connection for IMAP, but this would only make sense if you’ve used POP3 account on your previous mail client’s.

Thank you,