Does eM Client create the Message-ID?

One of my email-accounts is configured as an IMAP-account. I noticed lately, that the message-IDs of the sent messages always looks something like “em2d53fae5-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx…@[name_of_computer]”.

Does that mean that eM Client creates that Message-ID? Can that be turned off? I thought that the SMTP-Server would create that ID.

I would not really care, but the Message-ID contains the name of my computer and I somehow don’t like that.

Hello, yes the message ID is generated by eM Client and the computer name is included for identification, we’re not really worried about this information being compromising nor a privacy issue as while using secure connections, your emails are only exchanged between yours and the recipients server. Unfortunately it can’t be disabled.


Well, I guess it’s not a big deal, still I would prefer nobody to know that I call my laptop “sweetheart” :wink:

I understand, but please note most of your recipients don’t have access to the information as it’s only visible in the header’s source code which I believe most users do not open that often as some email clients don’t even have the option to display it or the option is hidden from any standard options.



I was in plan to move to eM Client but I can’t with this kind of Message ID ( [> Why you do’t use xxxxxxxx.domain.tld ?



Since the beginning of 2022, all our message-IDs are completely random.