Does Em Client CardDAV work with Server Name Indication (SNI)

I’m having trouble getting em client to connect to my CardDAV server. I’m using SSL (HTTPS.) I’ve used em client before and it worked fine. The only difference now is the CardDAV server is now using SNI, and before had a dedicated IP for SSL.

Can anyone tell me or confirm if em client CardDAV works with SNI or not?

Thank you.

I haven’t received any replies to my issue. But for other people’s reference I will answer of own question.

Based on my own experience I would have to say that it appears to be that using SNI is/was the issue. Using a non-standard SSL port solved the problem without making any other changes.

Too bad em client doesn’t seem to be SNI complient. But I’m currently a free user so I don’t think I have access to tech support to even confirm this.

Hi again, we’re currently not supporting SNI so that’s probably the reason behind the issue itself.
Glad you managed to make it work with the current settings,

Thank you,