does backup function include contacts on imap server?

Does the Em Client backup file backup ALL the contacts and calendar data that are resident on imap servers such as iCloud or does it only backup contacts and calendar in a local file resident on the local hard drive? 

A friend once lost absolutely EVERYTHING in his iCloud account and had no other backup and Apple told him, “tough luck there’s nothing we can do.”  I just want to make sure I have an offline backup in case iCloud ever rains on my parade… :slight_smile:

Hi, if you can see the contacts in eM Client, they will be included in the backup, you can also check this yourself, create the backup, and go to your local folder > App Data > Roaming.
Rename the eM Client folder (it will serve as another backup), and open eM client, new database will be created and you can try restoring from the backup you’ve previously made, then you should be able to see all your data again.

Hope this helps,