Does a .vcf backup of contacts include group distribution lists?

I have just got a new computer and have installed Em Client.

My list of 300+ contacts includes a group of 60+ contacts made up of contacts taken from that overall contacts list. I now want to perform a backup of all my contacts, including that group.

If I perform a backup into a .vcf file using the Em Client backup facility, will that group also be backed up as it now is or does the backup facility only look at the overall list excluding any groups?

And if I later had to import that .vcf file, would the group still be there as a group?

The eM Client backup facility does not create vcf files. It simply creates a single zip file of your complete profile, which includes emails, events, contacts, categories, rules etc.

If you have a distribution list in eM Client, you can save it elsewhere by right-click and choose save as. This will save the distribution list as a single vcf file. If you decide to open that file in eM Client or any other email client, it will contain all the names and email addresses of the original distribution list.

If you have a group of contacts, you can select them and right-click and choose save as. This will save all the selected contacts into a single vcf file. The difference between this and a distribution list, is that the list only contains the name and email address. Saving a group of contacts to a single vcf file will include all the individual contacts details. This works fine for eM Client to eM Client, but if you try to open the vcf in another email client, it may not contain all of the information. Some clients also will only read the first contact and ignore the rest.

You can also choose the export option. This method allows to you select a complete folder or multiple folders of contacts.