Do you have to buy VIP support for all licenses, or can it be for just one?

I am looking at buying 2 licenses to register on my Desktop and Laptop. It will just be myself using it.

I want to use the Business Pro license to benefit from the discount available for multiple licenses.

I wondered - if in the future I want to extend VIP support, will I have to pay twice to cover the two licenses, or just once?

I think it has VIP support for 1 year. After that year, if you want to renew your VIP license, you can do it for only €7.95
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jueves 11 mayo 2023 :: 0854hrs (UTC +0100)

First, you should check pricing again as for me & @Quesito in Spain:
1./ 2x eMC Pro Licenses is €29.98 to total €59.95
2./ 2x eMC Business Pro Licenses is €34.48 to total €68.95
The only listed difference between them is License Manager with Business Pro - not really necessary with only 2 Licences
Perhaps you would be better advised to purchase Lifetime upgrade.

As @Quesito says, even if you are expecting problems you only need to consider €7.95/yr VIP extension cost


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Ah, great, thank you.

I didn’t realise I was missing the discount for buying 2 x Pro licenses instead of Business Pro.

As you say, I don’t really need the license manager for 2 licenses.

So that makes sense, it would be VIP support per license this way.


Thank you! Looks like with Pro instead of Business Pro it’s easy to do it for one license only.