Do not use deduplicator tool till a fix by developers

If by mistake the above tool is used, YOU MAY LOSE MANY EMAILS WHICH ARE NOT REALLY DUCPLICATES!!!
My ticket #127132 has been issued on 22-3-2021 and till now there is no progress.

Developers latest answer.
Unfortunately we still do not have a simple fix for this, because it is a complex matter. I am sorry for that, but we will still be working on the possible solution. Thanks for your understanding.
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Patrik Pukan


As I mentioned in my last reply to your ticket, we definitely did not forget about you, the truth simply is that this process takes time and as soon as it is possible to release the update with deduplication fixed up, we will do so. For now we only ask for your patience.


I also looked at the ticket, and tried with your sample data provided on 25 March.

On today’s release in the Release History, the two messages you provided are not detected as duplicates.

Can you upgrade and see if there is any difference?

This issue should be resolved in
If you can let us know whether it resolves the problem on your side as well, it would be nice.

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After installing new version everything worked fine.
Thank you for the solution despite the long time delay.


That explains it! It bit me too. :frowning: