Do my online folders automatically sync with em client?

I need to preserve online copies of what I am doing, but I also want stuff to download to em client as a back up, so to speak, in case yahoo disappears someday. If I move an email to my taxes folder online, will the taxes folder sync with its matching folder so that the email that was moved there gets downloaded to the folder it is in? Do I have to set up some settings?


if you use the automatic setup, you should have setup an IMAP account, which you can confirm by going to Tools > Accounts > your yahoo account, and if there’s an IMAP tab, you have an IMAP account.
If you have an IMAP account you shouldn’t have to care about the storage everything you do in the application should be synchronized with the online account, so if you move an email into a folder that email should appear in that folder online and unless you delete that email it should stay there.

However, please note there’s a known issue with subfolders on yahoo accounts (not supported) so you should only use folders without other folders inside of them.

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