Do I need for my Notebook really a second license?

Assume I want to install eMClient in addition to my Win7 Desktop PC also on my Notebook.

Do I really have to buy a second license? Or is a personal license valid for multiple installation for one person?

The same accounts will be accessed from the two installations.

So it should be ONE license necessary


Imagine you live in 2 appartments.
Do you have to pay the rent for only one of them or for both?


Hello Peter,
we have a one license-per-device policy.
So, if you want to use 2 computers, your license needs 2 seats.
If you look at the price calculator on our website you will see that we offer great multiple seat purchase discounts with the second license already:


Which leads to another question.  If I have an existing pro license with lifetime upgrades how do I add a second without paying full retail?

unfortunately multiple license discounts cannot be applied to past purchases.