do I have to minimize the program, or can I exit out of it & still have it running

Will the program still be running if I close the main page after reading mail, or do I have to minimize it to the taskbar? the icon will not show up under hidden icons even though i went in & clicked to have the icon & notifications show, so I have no idea if it is still running, or not.

If you exit eM Client, it is not running anymore, so there won’t be new e-mails downloaded.

I don’t know about showing reminders for appointments, though…

Thank you! The previous program I used came on with start of computer & stayed on after exiting. Some stay on & some don’t so it’s good to know how the program works!

Hi Michelle,

You can specify that eM Client should start when Windows is starting.

Actually, in that same dialog are also 2 options related to the ‘Windows system tray’…I’m not sure what those options do…maybe those option will influence what happens when you close eM Client?

Go to Tools --> Settings --> General --> General

Check / mark the option ‘run on Windows startup’.

screen shot:

Thanks that answer put the eM Client icon exactly where I was trying to put it!

I ma marking this as answered.