Distributions List Backup?

Can you backup a Distribution list?

A distribution list in eM Client is just a specialized contact. It will be backed up along with the other contacts in a regular eM Client backup, or you can manually save it by right-click on the distribution list and choosing Save As. That will save the distribution list as a vCard.

Gary, that’s really useful to know.  Thank you for replying so promptly.

How do I restore this back up?  I need to move it to another computer.

Restoring a backup will completely replace the eM Client data and settings on the other computer. If that is what you intend, copy the zip backup file to the other computer, then in eM Client use Menu > File > Restore.

If you just want to copy the distribution list, right-click on it and choose Save As. Copy the vCard file to the other computer and simply drag it from Explorer into your contacts section, or use Menu > File > Import > Contacts as vCard.

Thanks, much appreciated response.