Distribution lists

How do I view a list all the distribution lists I’ve created in eMC? I can’t find a way.


Hello Neil, unfortunately it’s not possible to sort your contacts to see distribution lists only, distribution lists are listed between your contacts and can be searched for based on the lists name.


Thanks Paul. I’d make that a development request. Finding individuals is easy because you know their names, but contact lists have no obvious name to look for. 


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve added the feature to the feature request lists, I agree it could come in handy.


I am a new user, I like most of what I see, but having to manually keep track of distribution lists seems archaic.

Supporting this feature request as well. I’m facilitating 15-20 projects in parallel, each with its own distribution list.

Definitely need a way to find and edit distribution lists.


Managing distribution lists (listing, creating, deleting, modifying, organizing) is simply a core feature of an email client.  Without it, an email client is crippled to the point of being a toy.  I cannot believe em client is not robust in this area.  Unthinkable, I hope the developers make this the top priority.

You can create, delete and modify distributions lists quite easily.

To find them, you can sort your contacts by email address, and because distribution lists don’t have one, they will all be together at the end of the list. Also they have that handy little icon next to their name, so they are easy to spot.

To keep them organised, you can store them in a separate folder, or use a separate category.

Thanks, I was perhaps hasty in my condemnation, as I did not know the distribution lists were interspersed in with the other contacts.  Your workaround is satisfactory for managing them.  I do think it would be far more intuitive for new users if “groups” or “distribution lists” were surfaced in the interface and managed separately.