Distribution lists disappear shortly after being created

I have downloaded emClient for a one month trial, hoping to find a replacement for Windows Live Mail. I have created several distribution lists, but they go away after a short while for no apparent reason. I see comments in forums going back several years on this same issue. Is this an intentional limitation in the trial software? If this is a real problem, has it been solved?

I’m just in your same sinking boat on Contacts and Dist Lists.  Something in EM Client not only changes Dist Lists, but changes all my Contacts.  This happens overnight or when I log out and then log back in.  I’m so frustrated over spending hours with Contacts as a new user and no way to get any real support.  Sadly, I have no choice but to leave EM Client it seems.  I hope you have luck getting resolution.  Several days ago, I posted a nearly identical msg and got no replies of any kind.