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I have 3 distribution lists, when I type the name of any of the lists, it doesn’t autofill, even if I type the name of the group, it doesn’t come up.  Why have a group list if I have to add every name to the to box manually?

Do other addresses in your contacts auto-complete?

In which contact folder is the distribution list saved, and can you open it and edit or add contacts?

Other addresses do auto complete.  It’s in the main contact list, and I can open the individual contacts and edit them.  One is named Regional convention in a new mail, I can begin to type it and auto complete several names beginning with reg, but regional convention never shows up.
contactsregional convention

Can you enable Local Folders, and see if there is any difference?

If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

I can see the local folders, but I emptied them all into my main email folder rdlovitt@access4less.net, it runs through earthlink.


Can you move your distribution list to local folders and check that it has addresses inside. Then try the auto-complete again.

I’ve tried everything I know to move the folder to local folder, even made a new one and it won’t show up in local folders.  When I look through my contacts, the name regional isn’t there, should it be?  Is there a step by step instruction on how to create and then send from a list?  I’ve read through many comments, but no one seems to have this particular problem.  I know I’m missing something but neither of us knows what.


My experience is that distribution lists are mostly not supported in folders that are synced with online contacts, so it is best to save the distribution list to a local folder.
To create a new distribution list, click the down arrow next to the New button and select Distribution List.


Once you have added the contacts to the list, make sure you have selected a local contact folder where the list will be saved.


You can find more info on distribution lists in the Help file. Just press F1 when in eM Client or go to this web page. You will find it under Features > E-mail > Distribution List.

Still having trouble, thanks for your help, I have to take care of some other things and have to leave.  I’ll keep trying, if I figure it out I’ll let you know.


Just be aware that there is a bug when dragging contacts to the distribution list. This is mentioned in the helpfile, but currently does not work