Distribution list sorting bug

There is a bug in the distribution list sorting.
When i tap the head of name column (sort by names), all the names disappear.
They show up again only when i close the list and open it again.

Secondly, the distribution list should be automatically sorted by name.
Currently it is sorted by the date of addition.

Plus, there is another minor bug - you the list can contain duplicate addresses.

thanks for suggestions.

Names disappearing was fixed and will be available with the next version.

The automatic sort is a bug and will be fixed as soon as possible (but now the next version; probably in a version after next version).

And how did you achieve duplicate addresses in the list? Please describe us the way.


I’ve checked the ‘duplicate’ again. It’s related to the https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to… .
When I change a contact email address, it is not updated in the distribution list. So I can add the contact again.

Aha, OK. I added it to the bug I added before.