Distribution List Problem

When I create a distribution list and add all the email addresses, the email addresses go away overnight. Please help as I need to be able to save and use distribution lists.

Yes, we have the same problem and it is extremely annoying. This was reported at least 3 years ago but several people and nothing has been done. Developers please note: if this problem is not fixed within the next week, we are leaving emclient and not returning. Period.

I am experiencing the same problem. I am using version 7 with gmail. Every time I go to use a distribution list, there are a few entries missing. So I have to make sure all the entries are present before sending. I see this has been a problem for a while. Is there any resolution for this issue?

While you are waiting for it to be fixed, you could save your distribution lists in Local Folders, rather that in your Google Contacts folder.

If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Yes, that in fact is the answer - it’s not a bug! Sorry I didn’t update this post - and apologies for getting irate! In my defence, I would say that this info should be included in the knowledge base/support pages, which could be much more comprehensive. Then uses could find solutions more easily themselves.

There might be some calendar servers that support distribution lists in this format, but many don’t.

There is a lot of work needed on the Help File, but I have stopped putting forward suggestions. I was assured though, that comments made in this forum are read, and changes made as necessary, so there may yet be some hope. :slight_smile: