Distribution list problem

I have installed V3.0.9422.0 and have created 2 distribution lists. One works fine, the other one only picks up one or two names that are on the list. Any idea what is causing this?


can you please send me (to staron@emclient.com) saved or exported problematic distribution list so I can try to simulate the issue? All your privacy will be completely preserved.

Any progress on this? I have just experienced the same problem on two different distribution lists. One with 4 members, the email only picks up the first contact. The other list has 8 members and the email only picks up 6 of them. I am using build 4.0.15145 and Windows Vista. The distribution list is held in my gmail contacts. This is definitely a significant problem - distribution lists can’t be trusted without reviewing the expanded email address block.

Interestingly, another quirk on this: I have two email addresses for one of the contacts . Only one is listed in the distribution list, but when sending an email it pulls up both of them. So it appears that the distribution list is using the contact name, not the email address defined in the list.


could you please send the problematic distribution list directly to me? Thank you.

email sent. Thanks.