Distribution list export and printing

How do I export and send a distribution list to someone who wants to view and print the list, but does not have eM Client? I have exported the distribution list as vcf and csv files, but the latter is empty when opened in Microsoft Excel. It is no problem with individual files.

What version of eM Client are you using?

In the current version, you can only export or save the distribution list as a vcf file. You can send the distribution list to someone by right-click and Send Contact. This can be opened or imported into most email clients.

You can print a distribution list by right-click and Print Selected.

Hi Gary, thank you so much for your quick and very helpful reply. I have version 7.1.31849.0. I was unaware of the possibilities you describe and have just successfully printed out a distribution list and also sent it by email as a vcf file to a friend, who can hopefully open it with his email client. I also note that on right-clicking a distribution list there is the possibility to export to CSV or HTML, but I am not technically proficient emough to explore this. Thank you.

There is a difference between a distribution list, and a list of contacts, and they way they are exported.

If you select a number of contacts in a list view (this does not work in business card view) you can export them to csv or html. That will export only the information that is displayed in the columns on the screen. So any columns that are not displayed or are empty, will not be exported.

Right-click on a distribution list will not have the same effect, You get an empty csv file because a distribution list does not have the same columns, like Full Name, email, etc. It contains that information within the list, but is not seen the same way as a normal contact. If you look at in the list you will see that all the columns are empty, whereas your normal contacts are not. I guess that is what happened with your export.