Distribution List and Display As

Every one of my contacts has a “Display As” name.  When I create a Distribution List and add my contacts it appears that the Display As name is included along with the email address for each contact added to the Distribution List.  However, when I insert a Distribution List into say the To:  field, and then expand the list, only the email addresses are displayed.  What do I need to do to get the “Display As” name to also appear?

Perhaps I may have stumbled on a solution to the problem.  I’m using eM Client 7.0.26567.0.  By experimenting with the contact entries contained in my distribution list, I discovered the following. 

If the “Display As” name was added to the contact  after the distribution list had been created, then the “Display As” name would not always be included when the distribution list was expanded.

If the “Display As” name was added to the contact before the distribution list had been created, then the “Display As” name would likely be included when the distribution list was expanded. 

So here’s my solution.  First, delete the offending entry (the one with no “Display As” name appearing when the distribution list is expanded) from the distribution list and save the list.  Second make sure the contact of interest has a “Display As” name; if not, add the desired entry.  Third, add the updated contact back into the distribution list and save the list.

After following this process, at least for me, the correct “Display As” name is now included whenever the distribution list is expanded.

Apparently, updating a contact with a “Display As” name doesn’t automatically update the manner in which that contact is displayed in an expanded distribution list if it was already included in the distribution list without a “Display As” name.