displaying pdf or word or other attachments in the mail client

is it a possibility to display (for example) pdf attachment in the email window?

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment and we do not even plan to support it in the future.

That is really unfortunate. The preview function on my Outlook has been a tremendous asset. I am checking out eM now as a replacement given our shift to gmail providing our e-mail services rather than Exchange (and the Outlook sync issues with gmail business accounts). Not having this function might prevent me from making this switch.

I agree with Scott. The preview is very useful when we have multiple attachments. I like eM Client but the lack of preview is also making me thinking twice. Hopefully the development team wil reconsider this feature.

Hi Han, you should be able to preview PDF files and some other file formats as image files, but unfortunately some formats can’t be supported as eM client does not have the capability to open such documents, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you Paul for responding. I can see small PDF image when I point to the attachment. Is this the image file that you are referring ? Can we set the image file to display in full ? This is still a very good email client. 

Hi again Han, I mentioned PDF files AND image files can be previewed (image files such as .png / .jpeg , etc.).
It is not possible to resize the preview while hovering over the attachment, but if you right click the sender’s name/email, you can select the option “Attachment history”, all attachments from this user will be displayed in a new window with a larger (scalable) preview option.

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I’d agree with this as a necessity on future developments.  I spent ages looking at email clients and thought eM was the best, until I couldn’t preview pdf’s in the email window.  Having to open each document to print it is a big time waster

Hello Simon, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently using a system API to display a preview of PDF files in the attachment history or on hover of the file in the sidebar, however this API can only display the preview in eM Client in certain cases, so it’s possible PDF files won’t display - if Adobe Acrobat is installed the preview should be present, however as this is really a system control, it’s possible only some versions of Acrobat PRO can support this option.

We’ll consider improving the behaviour for future releases.


We are testing eM for some time and are very impressed overall, last but not least the beautiful design is great joining daily work. Compared to Microsoft Outlook, however, eM does not have an integrated viewer for documents (Doc, Xls, PDF, txt etc.). Do we stand alone with this desire, or do other users find an internal viewer extension useful as well?

IMHO this asset deserves Top1 priority)

Thank you very much. Sandra

I agree with the above comments: I think that eM is a great substitute for Outlook and this is the one thing that is really missing to avoid having to download multiple pdf documents when having a quick look at a preview would really be sufficient to get the information that you need.

PLEASE try and find a fix - can you not copy the approach that Outlook uses to achieve this?