Display unread with normal font instead of bold

I find the default bold state for unread messages to be difficult to read. I would prefer for read and unread messages to use the same font in the message list and rely on the unread indicator column instead. There doesn’t seem to be an option for this in the preferences. Is there some other way to make that happen? Perhaps via the theme editor?

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Yes maybe a different Theme would help. This is the eM Client user created optional Themes link Themes (emclient.com)

Thank you for the link. I had previously looked at those and decided that the real problem for me was that the font is true black. I used the theme editor feature to change the font color program-wide to dark grey. That has adequately resolved the issue. Still, I find the presence of read status indicators and bold font to be redundant. It would be nice if you could choose to only use read indicators. Certainly not a high priority item, just a preference that I’ve seen in some of the other email programs I have tested.

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I agree that the bold is only useful for specific users. I have v9 and the inbox is IMPOSSIBLE to read. It is a nasty confusing mess of bold type and icons and emoticons and whatever else. I literally cannot read the list. I don’t have the time and energy to navigate the Theme editor. Isn’t there a nice clean ‘classic’?

And things are made worse because despite my complaints and setting changes my outgoing mail messages are appearing in my inbox. IN BOLD. Conversations putting sent messages in the inbox is a design flaw. It’s irrational. It has the flavour of a bug that couldn’t be fixed so someone rewrote the specs. As a reviewer I used to joke with WordPerfect developers about PDFs (pre-documented features).

I’m trying to pay an invoice. I can read the incoming mail entries. Ctrl-F brings up a new message. Fixed that. Searched, and found the wrong messages. I am currently reduced to guessing who might have sent me a message and searching for them. I am missing invitations, important medical communications, and more because they are lost in a morass of entries.

I don’t have the time and energy to navigate the Theme editor. Isn’t there a nice clean ‘classic

That’s was the default “Classic and System” themes are for. Works fine for me on PC and Mac.

If you don’t like the default themes built-in and you don’t want to modify your own as you say, then check out eM Client user created themes link below that might suit you.

Failing that you will need to modify your own theme via the eM Client support blog.

(eM Client user created themes).


Conversations putting sent messages in the inbox is a design flaw

That’s normal with Conversation view in “any mail client” and not a design flaw at all.

If you don’t want to see sent messages in conversation view, “disable conversation view” and you will then see sent messages in the normal sent box separately.

(Disable conversation view eM Client)

“Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations”


"Menu / Settings / Mail / Read / Conversations and select “Disable Conversations”

If you have “eM Client V9 Pro” there is also now “Thread view” which if you still “do want conversation view” you might find this new thread option works better for you.

Thread view (Pro)

Navigating through the separate messages in a conversation view is now a breeze.

eM Client V9 Blog features

(Thread view video)

I also would like the option to disable the bolding of unread message headers. I tried the theme editing approach, but it wasn’t clear to me how to simulate the desired result. Is there a font one could use that doesn’t have bold? Or better yet, please add the option to disable bolding!

EDIT: I seem to have come up with a hack for now. I set the semibold version of a font I like as the main font, and now all messages appear unbolded. YMMV.