Display proper number of Unread Messages in Folder with Subfolders

I’ve switched to eM Client from the Bat, and I must say it’s a very nice software overall.

A small feature, but one that I really miss from The Bat, is seeing the number of all unread messages in nested subfolders, so like we see here for example I have 4 unread in InPost subfolder
but as I collapse the Allegro folder, the information is no longer there

It would be wonderful if every folder could display number of unread messages in itself and sibfolders, It would allow me to collapse all the folders and only look inside as needed.
At this point I have a pretty chunky folders tree which needs to be expanded, otherwise I’m missing new messages :confused:

Thank you for your consideration! :slight_smile:

There is a Global unread folder which shows all unread messages from any of your accounts. Go to “Menu / Settings / General” option you will see a “Favourites” option. Check that & Save & Close.

See eM Client support page on this.