Display problem

Write an email with a full dark theme and it will display fine: white text on a black background.

But the recipient of the message, on receiving the message, appears to have a problem: black text on a black background.

Can eM Client fix this problem? or can eM Client set a separate theme when writing and viewing messages?

I personally don’t experience that issue with the (default) dark theme. Suggest to try a different font style and see if the problem still happens. I use Calibri 12. Really shouldn’t make a difference, but might be something to do with a specific font.

Also what does the message look like in your “Sent folder” ? Is it the same white text on black background or black text on black background.

If the sent message looks ok at your end in the sent folder, then could just be the email client at the other end has an issue reading certain types of themed emails and might need updating that end.

I would also suggest to send an email to your own email address to see what it looks like.

Also in eM Client “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” settings this is what I have set for the Theme “Text and Background” Color. So make sure you are “using color from theme” for the Dark Theme which works ok for me. See below.

Yes, the same display problem in the "Sent folder”. but when using a full dark theme, this problem cannot be easily detected before send out an email. It would be best if the eM Client could automatically detect the problem and give a warning.

Ok. Are you “changing the color” of the font to white when you type or just typing your email without changing the font color ? , and do you have “Use Color from email” set in the settings as above ?

Also do you have Compose and Reply as HTML set in eM Client Settings.

No at all, except that sometimes I may copy some words from other emails.

All are HTML formats already.

I suspect then you might have a possible corruption in the default dark theme in your current eM Client installation as I cannot replicate that same issue.

I would suggest next to backup your current version of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. Once you have done a backup uninstall your current ver and (don’t delete the database on uninstall) when asked. Then download eM Client from the ver history page below and reinstall & try again.