Display other people calendars and room calendars

Hello. I just began using eM client as a replacement for Outlook, and it seems promising. But I have a problem with shared calendars. My company works with Office 365. We also have shared calendars for rooms, company cars, etc. Like in Outlook, I would like to display the calendars of my collegues and the calendars of the shared resources. Is it possible in eM client? Thank you.

shared calendars in eM Client can be done through Delegation at this time.
Just right-click the calendar, choose Delegation and you can set which users can access your calendar and whose calendars you would like to see.


is delegation really bi drectionnal?
If a colleague, still using Outlook, wants to share its calendar with me, should I add it somewhere in a list or should he do something in his configuration to grant access (in reading mode only)?

I think this really depends on the server that is hosting the calendar. If you are both on an Exchange server, for example like Office 365, then when he delegates the calendar, it will automatically show up in your Exchange calendar, and you will have the permissions on the calendar that he gave you.

Most online calendars also allow sharing by providing a link to an iCalendar URL. If he sends you that link you can add it by Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar. This will give you a read-only version of his calendar.

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My colleague is also on Office385.
Delegates process looks is not clear about a simple “view availibilty in calendar”: which option is the right one?
If I understand your idea, I was able to see some calendars from Outlook but because I changed my tool I’ve to ask again my colleagues to share their calendar with me? a way to reduce number of calendars only to really needed ones…

In addition, Is there a way to see all availibity on the same view, not by clicking on all the calendar one after the other?

You can show calendars simultaneously by ticking the little colored box next to the ones you want to see.

I am not sure about your other questions R1M. Maybe an Office 365 user can comment.

shift click on the lines add tick on them and calendars are compiled on a single view. Thanks.

OK for display several calendars on a unique view.
But I face issues to activate calendars I can easily see with Outlook: proprietaries gave me authorization.

Not sure I understand what you wrote.

What is a unique view?

What does properties gave me authorization mean?