Display order of mails in the mail thread is random

Wheneven I write back and forth with different people, the order of the mail are displayed randomly. Or at least I cannot figure out why the sorting/nesting is the way it is.

Often I have to extend the mails, and then the newly received mail is in the middle of all the mail. I find it quite confusing.

Is there a setting somewhere, where you are able to sort the order of mail in a mail thread?

Best, Walther

Simply by changing the listing order at the top of the email message list. You can chose to order your list either by sender (From), Subject, Received, Tag, etc.

By clicking on an option this will toggle the order. For example, if you would like to order your emails by date received, click once for oldest to newest, click twice then again for newest to oldest.
Any option you chose will remain until you change it for another one.

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