Display Only Name, Not Email on To Line

On the To or CC line I want only the Name of the recipient to show. The email address should be hidden so the line is not so cluttered. I’m on Pro version 9.2.2258 (7080479). I went to Settings/Mail/Read and “Show email address in email header” is unchecked, but still when I select a recipient both the person’s name and email is shown. How can the actual email be hidden?

It is intentional when addressing the email that both the name and address is displayed. That is so you don’t use the wrong one if you have more than one contact with the same name.

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Gary, Thanks very much for your quick reply. I’m a refugee from the New Outlook and I really like EM Client. Still I think it would be nice if this could be switched on/off. I have contacts with multiple emails so I give them different names, such as John-Home & John-Work, etc. Anyway, now I know so thanks again.