Display of more than one email

I have just added another email and must have chosen the wrong option with setting it up up as it has its own set of folders - as does my gmail account. How can I set it that I have only one set of folders for all my accounts? Thank you, JenniferJ

I believe adding separate eg: IMAP / Exchange account’s will always have their own separate folders and its only POP accounts where both accounts can be combined into the same local folders.

If you have setup multiple POP accounts there is a check box near the end of the setup from memory where you can combine them into the same local folders.

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I have already the POP accounts installed and must have ticked the wrong check box near the end of the setup. Can I rescue the situation now and get the accounts combined in a single folder? Thank you. JenniferJ

I think there is really only two ways to now combine them where it wasn’t done on the second pop account setup initially.

You could eg: Drag all the email from the second pop account into the first pop account folders in eM Client.

Then once all the email is moved to the first account mail folders, remove the second pop account (with no email in it), and then re-add it and check the box at the end to combine into the one pop account local folders.

The other option is If you did originally setup the two pop accounts to “Leave a copy of messages on the server” for X amount of days, then you could eg: remove the second pop account and then re-add the second account and tick the box to combine them near the end of the acct setup.

You will then get the same new and exciting mail re-download from the server from both pop accounts to the one set of mail folders.

Remember before doing any of the above, click “Menu / Backup” first in eM Client just incase you need to restore for any reason.

Thank you very much. I shall follow your advice. JenniferJ