Display number of messages when selecting/deleting/moving multiple emails

When deleting more than one message, the confirm deletion dialog box reads ‘are you sure you want to delete selected mails’. This is a very helpful safety net to prevent me accidentally deleting emails (and I note can be turned off for those who don’t need it), but would be made far more useful by stating the number of messages about to be deleted (e.g. ‘are you sure you want to delete these 24 emails?’)

2 related suggestions:

  • It would be very helpful to have the option to display the number of selected emails (in much the same way as Windows Explorer shows ‘n items selected’ in the status bar).
  • When clicking and dragging emails between folders, my webmail client shows a little bubble with the number of messages being moved. I don’t have many good things to say about my webmail, but this is one feature where it comes out on top!

Thank you for considering these suggestions :slight_smile:


In case it’s helpful, lots of other people have been asking for similar features over the years:


Fully agree on both suggestions! A selected item count would help me as well, particularly in using check totals to verify that the intended messages were processed (moved, copied, deleted, tagged, etc.) correctly. Manual counts are tedious especially when the number of items is large. As you pointed out, this is one nice feature of webmail interfaces that I hope can be introduced in eM Client soon.


EMCLIENT - please add this to your list of improvements for emlient. It’s long overdue. Thanks.


Hearty agreement here. Outlook (from which I am migrating) does this. Honestly spent a bunch of time looking around for this, just assumed it HAD to be somewhere, but nope. This would make confirming that my migration counts match the source SO much easier…

Requested for 10 years now, here my thumbs-up!