Display Name is my email address instead of my name

In the Accounts settings, in the User Information section, I have my name listed as I would like it to display to recipients in their email when I send them emails. However, when I send emails it still posts my email address in the From field instead of my chosen display name. 

I read another thread about this and followed the instructions for changing my name - again, in the User Information section of the Accounts Settings. I double-checked my settings and it still is using my email address for my display name.

Please help, this is very frustrating!

Nevermind this post. Maybe it took a moment to update, it is displaying properly now.

Hello Jennifer, your display name can be setup in the account settings under Tools > Accounts > Your account > User information, however note that display name is not used when sending messages from your aliases of this account, we’re working on improving this option for future releases.