Display handling comparing of eM Client and Mailbird in the full dark theme

Mailbird does a better job of display handling in the full-dark theme than the eM Client. The same email content, same in the full-dark theme, Mailbird was displayed much clearer. Does the eM Client have plans to improve?
eM Client1 Mailbird1 eM Client2 Mailbird2 eM Client3 Mailbird3

Bonus: Both are not in plain text display mode.

Yeah, the Dark Theme is fairly new to eM Client, at least a Dark Theme with a proper dark background.

Compared to version 7, this is a huge improvement. Maybe there will be more improvements in the future.

If you are interested, the Theme Editor is a new feature in eM Client, and you may be able to adjust the theme in a way that suits you better. This was announced recently in the Blog.