Dismissing a calendar reminder closes the event window

This is the scenario…

I have an upcoming zoom or teams meeting. eM Client pops up a reminder in the reminders window. I double click the event to open up the event page so I can see the details and get the meeting link. I dismiss the reminder (or snooze or even just close the reminders window) and I get an error saying:

“This item has been updated in the calendar. This form will be closed and all current changes will be lost”

The event window closes and I have to look through my calendar to find the event and open it again to get the meeting link.

This workflow is very inefficient and we lose the advantage of the reminders giving quick access to the event details.

Is there a way around this or a fix?

That is intentional behaviour, for the exact reason given. The event you are viewing has been updated on the server by another process. So the window you have open will be closed because it has outdated information. If it were to remain open and you saved it, it would overwrite the updated event on the server.

Maybe wait until you have finished viewing the event, and closed it, before you dismiss the reminder.

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Thank you Gary for the quick reply. This is helpful but I still don’t understand fully. Why does closing the reminder window update the event? Also, why does it assume I will be editing the event just because I’ve opened the event window? Is there not a way to open it in view-only mode?

If this is intentional then please accept my feedback that this is not a helpful feature. Having to keep the reminder window open means I can’t dismiss the reminder.

The event has a reminder, which is saved in the event. When you dismiss or snooze the reminder, that updated information is written to the event on the server, not to the event in the window you have open. So they are now different. One needs to be the actual event, so we choose the one on the server.

Because you have opened it in an editing window. And then the information in that window becomes different to the version of the event on the server after you dismiss or snooze the reminder.