Discount applied only to base price, not lifetime license

Hello, is it correct the discount does not apply to lifetime updates?

I had the same reaction as you. :-1:
Still out of budget for personal use, I want 2 license minimum with “Lifetime license upgrade” but they are an addon to each License you buy.

There is always the 50% Black Friday discount.

Black Friday 2020 | eM Client

As I wrote discount is fine but if you mark the Lifetime updates checkbox discount does not apply to the extra price, just the base price.

If you don’t like eM Client’s pricing structure, why not look at other applications. There are cheaper applications available, but the three I consider worthwhile are:

eM Client = £210 lifetime
MS Outlook = £327
Mailbird Personal = £95 per year.

That is without Black Friday discounts, cost for 3 computers.

I like it. I just asking if it is correct the discount does not apply to the lifetime option.

I don’t need the Pro feature all I need is the 2 account limit to be unlimited.
I thought the Deal was 50% off the lifetime upgrade and license.
I’ll stick to the free version it has been working fine and does what it has to do:

  • Calendar event sync for my appointment.
  • Reading my mails in conversation view and Unified Inbox.
  • Contact list management and sync.
  • Custom signature for my 8 Alias.
  • Rules management.

These are the only feature I was looking for by trying eM Client and they are working much better than MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

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Pretty much describes what I like about eM Client. :wink: