Disappearing Sent Emails

I have lost a lot of emails composed and which I thought had been sent. It would appear that if there has been a ‘connection’ issue -only advised via a small red warning triangle against the email account name - that any emails composed and then sent disappear totally and cannot be located in any folder: Sent, Outbox or other!! And the recipient is of course not receiving them. Incredibly inconvenient. Any solution!!!

Go to Menu > Settings > General, and make sure that Show Local folders in enabled. Then go to the Local Folder Outbox, and see if the missing messages are still in the queue to be sent.

If they are there, then go to Menu > Operations, and look for any SMTP errors in the Log tab. That will confirm if there has been a problem sending those messages.

Thanks for that. Have enabled Show Local Folders - yes, the messages are there! Challenge is now to send them!

Have downloaded the log - 59 pages of messages over 3 hours - can’t find any specific SMTP errors. Lots of sync issues. I will uninstall and reinstall eM Client to see if this resolves the sync issues and that this doesn’t keep recurring.

It would appear that the problem was a message with an oversized attachment. Have deleted it - and all the other messages now dispatched. Might get some strange comments from recipients over duplicated and even triplicated messages.

Thanks for your help in resolving this. I will still uninstall and reinstall eM Client to be on the safe side!

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