Disappearing Search Folders link

I switched to emClient a month ago so that I could sync with iCloud, and to my surprise the whole thing worked really well. It’s so much better than Thunderbird. Congratulations on doing a great job with this software!

This is to report a minor bug which seems to have sorted itself out now. I added four saved search folders, which worked fine. The next day the Search Folders link under Smart Folders had disappeared. I used the Create Search Folder link from the search box dropdown to try to create one of the folders again, and it complained that the folder already exists - and at this point the Search Folders link under Smart Folders suddenly reappeared. This is v6.0.19714.0 on Windows 7 SP1.

It seems to have sorted itself out now, as it hasn’t happened again, but I thought it was something you might at some point want to take a look at.

Maybe you had accidentally selected to hide the search folders?

see screen shot:

Hi, thanks for the reply. That would be an explanation, but I’m pretty sure the sequence that happened was: everything showing, closed down computer, started up computer next day, search folders not showing. I’ll watch out for that, though.

hi, have you seen anything new? Is it still disappearing?


Hi, it only happened once - hasn’t happened again. Everything’s working fine!


Then it is even weirder, if it happens again then contact me and describe me what you have done before that, so I can investigate it better :slight_smile:


Yes, very strange. Thanks for following up and will let you know if it happens again.


ok, thank you for your cooperation.