Disappearing mouse pointer

The latest two versions of eM Client is having an issue. The mouse disappears when minimized and then maximized. The mouse pointer goes invisible, but it is visible in every other application. Closing eM Client and re-opening solves for a short period of time.

Hello David,
are you really running the latest version 7.0.27804.0 ? Check the full number in Help>About section.


Olivia, yes, my version is 7.0.278804.1

Hello David,
I am having trouble replicating this issue.
Can you please provide more information about when and how this happens?
What version of Windows OS do you use? Does this happen in any other application on your device?

Thank you Olivia. I am operating with Windows 10 on an Acer laptop with a touch screen. I just confirmed the OS is full updated. It does not happen in any other application. It seems to occur when I switch in-between applications. The pointer disappears but the highlighting with the app remains. Although the pointer is gone, I can see the buttons within the app shadow when I operated my touchpad. When I move the mouse down into the taskbar it shows back up, but then disappears immediately when I move upwards. I have a screen shot. Notice the ‘Subject’ header is greyed, this is because the mouse is hovered over that header, but the pointer is not present

I can’t replicate this either on three Win 10 computers. I think it is more likely to be a mouse/trackpad driver issue. 
First thing to try - if you have mouse-trails active, turn that off.
You could also try the following, which often resolves driver issues in Windows 10:
Right click Start > Device Manager
Open Mice and other pointing devices
Select the mouse, right click > Update driver software
If no driver found, repeat the above but right click > uninstall the mouse driver
Restart the computer and Windows will reinstall the driver

Bumping this one as it’s happening to me also, maybe once or twice a day. Latest eM client, fully up to date Win10 x64 on a Lenovo T440s. It’s defnitely app related rather than mouse/driver related, as if I switch apps my mouse pointer comes back, and the problem goes away if I restart eM! Also when it occurs, the mouse is still usable in the app, just invisible.

This is definitely related to the touch screen driver as there was another thread just recently with the same issue.

having the same annoying issue here on a surface fully updated windows, drivers and em client. 

Issue was never fixed so I uninstalled and never looked back. BTW, issue was across different devices and OS. Its a bug they never wanted to admit because they couldn’t figure it out. 

I had the same problem using Windows 7 and Logitech mouse. Changed to a Microsoft mouse and problem solved.

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