Disapearing deleted e mails

when i have read my e mail i delete them and they go into the trash.after a couple of days i may need to refer back to one of those e mails and i am finding they are gone from the trash bin.what can i do to keep them in the trash until i want to get rid of them for good

viernes 11 junio 2021 :: 1244hrs (UTC +01:00)

viernes 11 junio 2021 :: 1247hrs (UTC +01:00)

Go to Menu -> Settings -> General ->Un-check Empty trash on exit

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hi skybat,that box is unchecked and always has been ,but they still disapear !!

If your emails are being automatically cleared from the trash / bin after a couple of days and there is no auto delete on exit as @skybat advised, then there is a couple of possibilities.

Either your mail server trash / bin has a setting enabled to clear the trash after x amount of days or another device or someone else has access to your mailbox and is clearing the trash folder.

So check your server mailbox settings if there is any auto delete enabled on the trash / bin folder. If there is no auto delete on that folder, then check all your devices to make sure none of them are configured to delete the trash / bin folder after x amount of days.

Also check no family members or other household computer have access to your mailbox and might be deleting / clearing mail from your trash / bin folder.

Lastly if problem still happening, suggest to change your mailbox password and see if the problem goes away.

viernes 11 junio 2021 :: 1713hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @dutydog

If you are using POP3 you can also check:

Menu ->Accounts ->Select your Account ->POP3 ->Server settings ->Check the setting you have ->Adjust to suit your requirement

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