disabling the Fullscreen-Mode when opens?

the client always starts in full-screen mode (it opens my inbox, that’s right)
question: how can i proceed that no full screen opens (that i still see the taskbar)

Config? Windows 10 in 64 BIT on my 27" 4K-Monitor

I have never been able to get eM Client to run in full screen mode. Good on ya mate!

For me, it opens is whatever state I closed it.  If in full screen when I close-- full screen when I open.  Minimized when I close, minimized when I open, etc.

Full screen and maximize are not the same. Full screen hides the task bar and the title bar. So something like when you watch a video and hit F11. Many applications do that like Edge, Firefox, and most of the native Windows 10 apps.

Actually I always thought the reason that eM Client would not go full screen is because the title bar is used to display message counts. Obviously I am wrong. Maybe DD9KWA could give more on how he managed that, as I wouldn’t mind that viewing option.

Ah, got ya.  I agree, I have never seen an option for this.

I’ve got a bit different variant. Em start’s normal here (on a new win 10 machine), but when I’ve minimized the window and maximize again via the taskbar, Em opens fullscreen. Never seen this behavior before. Quite annoying.

I am actually quite upset. I would like to see eM Client in full screen, but no matter what I try, I just don’t get it. But with the title bar in use for message counts as well as the Menu button, I am wondering how that works! Or rather, doesn’t work. :wink: