Disabling certain Local Folder features.

I use other accounts for contacts and calendars, but use the local folder for offline email storage. Can you disable contact and calendar in a local folder, so that it is email only?

Not with the current retail release of eM Client.

and still not with the 3.5 beta…

Such a shame. A very useful feature. Annoying with less techy friends and family when the local folder and contacts are selected by default. Alternatively, setting different default services per account instead a default account would do. Not perfect, but certainly better.

Agreed… not only for less tech people, but the fact that someone like me that don’t use local calender folder at all, when click on calender, the local calender is selected by default… Annoying!

If you don’t use local folders at all, you can switch them off in the settings. Trouble is that people want to use them for archiving email. Which bring on to another useful feature of auto archiving.

Correction, I’m not using local *calender* at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a note in the 3.5 beta about being able to set a default calendar… I can’t find any setting for that though!

Tools -> Account -> Pick the account where your primary calender is -> Calender -> Default Calender

Bit odd place to have default calendar… It just allows you to select a folder and its different in each calendar. What is it meant to do?

Select a folder to choose as a default. It is a bit odd, but that where it is. I suppose it for people who has more than one on-line calender.