disabling bug: Unable to upload message (Invalid Arguments: Unable to parse message)

I am trying out eM and have installed it yesterday. I configured an account from my own local IMAP server. Total acount size is 912 MB and it contains less than 5000 messages with some older than 10 years. Each message (including problem ones) opens perfectly fine in an Outlook Express 6 (yes, OE6). There are no messages longer than 10 MB. eM seemingly did OK with no errors reported when I configured my local server account.

Then I added new just created and empty gmail account. I want to make a copy of my local account on gmail. So I copied all my local acount folders to gmail acount and let eM sync them all night. In the morning, it would appear there are 620 occurances of this error:

Gmail [IMAP]  MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Unable to upload message “???” to folder “[Gmail]/Sva pošta”. (Invalid Arguments: Unable to parse message)

where ??? is the title of certain messages. “Sva pošta” is a localised name of “All mail” or incoming folder. And 620 times like that. They are mostly text mails, some have small attachments from 80 kb or 1 mb and so). They are in different folders. Some mails from the same conversation are OK, some produce error (several mails from the same conversation may or may not produce several errors). eM Client 7.2.36694.0, Windows 7,


  1. MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException appears 620 times out of my total 5000 mails each time I open eM.

  2. When errorrs start displaying in a Operations dialog box, there is no way to remove this dialog box. Hide does not work, Ignore all ignores only me. Until all errors are played out, I can not access e-mail in eM. There are 620 errors, so it takes a lot of time. Annoying bug.

  3. The same Errors occur each time i start eM with no way of dismissing this notice until it is done ((see 2.)

  4. When I try searching for one of the messages from this list, when found and I try to open it - eM breaks down and closes. After a restart, it takes ages for it to recheck the database. Each of these messages I can normally open in OE6 from my own local mailserver. Neither is large or anything special.

  5. I picked a single message, sent by me, part on my local account to test. When using my local account: eM will show this problem message separate in the Sent folder perfectly normal. I can normally open attached 187 kB .pdf. But, message is not a part of a conversation. My local account will show remaining messages as conversation in the corresponidng folder. But, the conversation does not display (include) this problem message.

  6. On my Gmail account: I can find problem message stand alone in sent mails, but it shows only: from, to and date with no body or attachment. But, it shows there is an attachment. After some time, eM breaks down and produces an send error request. The rest is the same as under 4. and once again followed by 1. 2. and 3 of course.

Due to them being 4500 rows of text, I will not post here and now the list of errors and the generated error report when eM breaks.

What happens if you copy the messages first from your IMAP folder to Local Folders, then when they have finished downloading you copy them from Local Folders to the GMail IMAP folders?

If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General >Show Local Folders.