Disable splash screen in version 8


How can the splash screen be disabled in version 8?

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It can’t. Users have long been asking for some way to know that the application was loading as previously there was no indicator, so this was introduced as a new feature in version 8.


I guess it wasn’t going to be long before others started asking your question @paludis.

Well on my machine the startup time is around 1-2 sec, so in my mind splash screens are for slow sluggish applications like Outlook, etc.

Also I wonder if there is even an artificial delay in the splash screen so one can actually read the tip.

Guess time for a feature request…

Some users were having long delays starting eM Client in version 7, and there was no indication that anything was happening. Therefor the splash screen request.

Never had that issue myself.

The splash screen is also so quick on my computer, that it is difficult to even read the tool tip. When version 8 beta was first released I had to to take a screenshot to see what it was all about. :wink:

I don’t think there is any artificial delay though.