Disable spell checker

I’m often typing blind and not even looking at the screen.
I turned OFF all spell checking. All 3 comboboxes in the Spelling/Spell checker are turned off.

Yet, it appears that some of my words are badly garbled. My mails appear to be sprinkled with out-of context words in another language.

Today I noticed what seems to be going on. I saw a brief prompt appearing while at the end of the sentence after I typed the last word jou (dutch word) and of course enter immediately after it to end the line. I saw a brief popup flashing when I pressed newline. I could not see what exactly the prompt. But the word had been replaced with “you”…

How can I stop this completely. I can mis-type words myself if needed. I don’t want support for this.

How can I raise the urgency of this issue?
It is quite unprofessional to have to put a disclaimer below each mail like “sorry for the weird words, the spell checker of my email client is malfunctioning”.

Hi w.pasman,
what OS are you using?
If you are on a MacOS version, then other than the spell-check settings in eM Client your system’s speelcheck and autocorrect can also apply.
Maybe this article might be useful?

Yes this is on MacOS Mojave.

Thanks so much for that link, indeed that seems to have caused the problem

I never had this issue with other programs, so it seems most programs ignore this setting.

Also it’s confusing because emClient also has its own buttons to “disable spelling” in preferences/Spell-Checker-Use automatic spell checker so what’s the point of using the system preferences as well?

Thanks again, it seems fixed!