Disable shortcut

This is in regards to the CTRL+Enter keyboard shortcut, which by default will send an email.

I do not want to reassign the shortcut to a different combination… I want to disable it entirely.

I want the only behavior to be that an email will send upon clicking the ‘send’ icon in the UI. For what it’s worth, this is a feature in Outlook. How can I accomplish this?

I’ve never tried this but I suppose it should work.

  1. Open the Shortcuts menu (Menu > General > Shortcuts)
  2. Scroll down to your shortcut, under “Send Mail”
  3. Click on it. Write whatever value you’d like to replace it with in the Edit window below.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Revert whatever change you have made by clicking on “Reset to default”.

Yes, I can assign the shortcut to some obscure key or combination, like the ‘pause/break’ button. That doesn’t technically disable the behavior, it is only a hack to make it less likely to occur.

Unless there is some obscure way of making shortcut changes, other than via the menu>General>Shortcuts menu described above by @Son-of-A-Gun , your only choice appears to be a posting in the “Feature Request” category.

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Sorry I’m not skilled at all to argue on the subject. Hopefully one of the forum members can assist you better

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No argument intended! I agree that it appears to be no option to delete a shortcut and/or assign it to .

@em client team, it would week that allowing a blank shortcut assignment would work to allow additional user customization.

Go to Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts and assign another value to that shortcut. That will disable Ctrl+Enter from sending your message.

it would be better if pressing the return key would simply remove / disable the shortcut. If i want to disable more shortcuts i need to think of all kinds of weird combinations i would never use just to disable the functionality altogether.

The Enter key is a valid option for a shortcut, so if you hit Enter you are assigning that to the shortcut.

Unfortunately there is no way to disable a shortcut. Sorry

I changed this thread to a feature request.

Got also the issue as I wanted to use ctrl+f to search in body. But it is used already. Disabling the existing first would be a good feature IMHO.