Disable Send or reprogram Send button to mass mail

Two users have had the same issue, they have hit Send instead of Mass Mail and have sent everyone everyone’s email address. Both users know how to mass mail, but occasionally they have pressed Send and ignored the warning. Is there any way either to disable the Send function or to re-program Send as Mass Mail? Or, is there any other solution to our problem?

Thank you.


I don’t have a solution to this, but I would like one as I have sent mass mail out the same as you. I know what to do, but inadvertently have pressed send by accident. 

One thing you can do is to disable sending messages immediately. That way if you click the incorrect button, you can go to the Local Folder Outbox and delete the messages waiting to be sent.

A few things you need to do to make this happen.

  1. Change the setting so that messages are not sent immediately.

  1. Make sure that the sync interval is not too small. Having it set at 1 minute does not give you as much opportunity to correct a mistake as having it set at 30 minutes.

  1. Show Local Folders so that you can delete the messages from the Local Folder Outbox. You can also use the Smart Folder Outbox if you don’t want to display Local Folders. To do that right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox.

A note about the sync interval above. This does not affect receiving of messages in the Inbox when using IMAP/Exchange as that is done in real-time. It does affect the sync interval for message sub-folders, calendars and contacts, and message waiting to be sent when send immediately is disabled.


Thank you for your response. Your suggestion does seem to provide a solution of sorts, but it is far from ideal. I will work with the two people that have to implement the suggestion, but it does make things more complex for them. I am dealing with volunteers who are far from computer literate and each problem they have comes back to me (and so do the complaints from recipients when their email addresses are shared).

Given that you already have menu items to Send, Merge or Delay, it would seem a small step to provide a Settings option to select the prime function for Send. Alternatively, as you allow a degree of customisation of three of your toolbars (facilities added or removed) it would seem an uncomplicated addition to include Send, Merge and Delay to become part of the options list.

I use a number of pieces of software which are so close to being very good, but don’t quite reach it due to the detail. Is there any possibility that you will include one of these suggestions in a future release?



I don’t think they will implement any further changes in version 7 other than security updates. We recently heard that version 8 will be out in late 2020, but no details so will just have to wait another year to find out.

Maybe another email client will be more suitable. There are add-ons for Thunderbird that display a confirmation pop-up after clicking the send button.