Disable fade-in on email display

When I switch emails, the body of the email does this half second “fade in” rather than appearing immediately. I can’t find a way to turn this off. I read through all the settings but didn’t see any mention of it, and I searched the settings for “fade” or “animation” to no results.

I just updated to Em Client 8.0.3385. Admittedly, it had been a while since I updated, so I’m not sure what version this was introduced. The version I used previously didn’t have this annoyance.

I get lots of emails so having to wait an extra half second to be able to read each one is just plain annoying and slows me down. How can I turn this off?

Thank you!

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Perhaps it is ‘controlled’ in the theme coding?

Three years on and I feel the same way. In fact I was about to ask this very question. The fade is completely useless, adds zero functionality (nor even pointless visual appeal) but it does become rather tiresome having to wait for it every time a new message is selected.

I also wondered about the theme, but being XML (instead of CSS, etc.) it’s hard to know.

Well, when you click on the message the page does need to be drawn from the message code, but it should be almost instant. It is so quick it is impossible for me to measure, but certainly it is a lot less than a second.

If not and there is some delay, it could be caused by your hardware, or drivers etc. in your OS. Some content may also need to be fetched from the Internet, so that could delay the message being fully displayed.

This isn’t a delay in retrieval, it even happens on local content off my SSD. It’s a graphical fade up from the background color when I go from one message to another.

It’s a graphical fade up from the background color when I go from one message to another.

Ive never had that issue with any version of eM Client (with any theme) I tested.

Reading messages and changing between messages for me is pretty much instantaneous less than a sec and no fade in at all.

I agree with @Gary that it sounds some sort of computer hardware related issue. Could be eg: Video drivers or the Video card refresh rate, or maybe not enough CPU Speed or Ram.

Well, it’s not worth chasing with all kinds of diagnostics, but this is an ~18 month old Windows 11 laptop with 16 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 5700U CPU, SSD, AMD Radeon graphics, etc. (and it’s the same with nothing else running). Not a fire-breathing monster, but plenty fast enough for email and basically everything else short of gaming or heavy photo / video processing. It’s also the exact same phenomenon @Fizzer described in the first post.

When I click on a different message, the current message fades down and the other one fades up (just marginally slower than the previous one faded down). It’s not random from message to message, but rather identical on each one as if it’s coded-in. Here’s a short desktop video showing it.

Anyway, if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is. It just seems a bit pointless to have an effectively “non-op op” that does nothing but introduce delay. Kind of like putting a deliberate do-nothing pause after you step on the throttle in your car, before the engine responds… Why?


I am not sure I see any waiting in your video like I was expecting from what you wrote. When you said you had to wait, I was expecting something like at least 3 seconds or more. But the message is drawn pretty quickly in your video.

Hever, there may be some I/O lag to your database, and some content may need to be fetched from the Internet. All the content needs to be loaded before the message is faded in. But really, I can’t say I am seeing any delay in your video.

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It’s about a half second as described in the first post of this thread. The video doesn’t show it as clearly but there’s no Internet lag, etc. It’s all local / cached content. Other email clients (Thunderbird, EPIM, etc.) load each message instantly.

Unfortunately EPIM (which I bought years ago) has lately become so buggy and crash-happy that it’s unusable. Otherwise, eM Client is decent despite the slightly cartoonish UI, which can be partially mitigated through preference settings and theming.

At any rate, there’s apparently nothing that can be done about it, so there’s little point in debate.

Do you see that same delay using any of the themes ? Or do you only see it in the Dark Theme.

It’s the same regardless of theme.


It’s the same regardless of theme

Ok then I suspect it is some sort of hardware related issue causing this anomaly.

All I can suggest for eM Client side of things is to try uninstalling it and “don’t delete the database” when asked on the uninstall wizard. Then try reinstalling the latest eM Client V8 or V9 from the release history page depending on what version you have currently, and then see if it makes any difference.

Failing that, try updating your video drivers if new or updated drivers are available from your computer manufactures website just in case it’s a video driver issue. Good luck.