disable email account(s)

I am sorry if this question has been asked, I did search but did not find a response, which surprised me. 

Anyways, I have several old email accounts, I wish to temporarily disable some of them and enable them at a future date, perhaps to just check e-maill once every month and then disable them again.

In the accounts pop-up I do not find any setting to temporarily disable an account, any help?



Hi Al.

This feature was available in version 6, but was discontinued in version 7.

Thanks Gary.

Is there a work around to accomplish disabling accounts?

About all you can do is add them when you need them, then remove them when you are done.

Or rather than checking them once a month, you could just have them forward any emails to your current one.

Yes, pretty limited …to bad they removed this feature …oh well, thanks for all suggestions.

That sounds like a bad idea to remove what is clearly a useful function.
I need to disable an account as getting a message every sync cycle that a particular mail server is offline. Deleting and Adding the email account is a clumsy way of managing activity.

Yes it was a very useful function that ended with version 6. The current solution in version 7.1.x with a Pro License is to untick the IMAP and SMTP boxes (and any other services) in the account settings. That way the account just sits there doing nothing until you tick them again.

Of course that also removes the folders from eM Client. ;-(

Until I got to the last sentence, it all sounded good.
I wonder if just unticking POP3 will suspend collection and leave the account intact? SMTP Shouldn’t be triggered until a mail is attempted to be sent.

Yes, sorry about that last sentence. It was an afterthought, and is not complete. The folders are removed from view, but the contents are still retained so when you tick it again there is no need to do a full resync.

Unticking POP3 will also remove the POP3 folders from view, but keep the contents intact. This is different from deleting the account, which purges the database of the contents for both POP3 and IMAP.  If when setting up the POP3 account, you chose to use shared folders, so the POP3 messages are stored in Local Folders, they will remain visible even when the POP3 service is unticked.

There is a checkbox in the general tab of the accounts menu that says “Include when sending/receiving email”.  The documentation claims that this can be used to “Temporarily suspend an account”.  I have not tried it, but it seems like that is what you want.

Yes, that probably is it.
It’s a great feat to miss the obvious in front of your nose. :slight_smile:

How true :)  …thank you Jay!

However, it still tries to authenticate, which defeats the purpose of “disabling” as it tries to contact the server(s) anyway.

The purpose here is to stop emails from downloading.  Why is it a problem that it authenticates?

because it keeps doing it and doing it and doing it… if i disable, it shouldn’t still try to login to a server.