Disable Chat History Feature Request

The other day I decided to try to use the chat feature in em client 6, instead of the chat client I was using, and see how it worked for me. I quickly noticed it did not have the typical disable chat history feature I’ve become used to in almost any other chat client I’ve used over the years.

I realize that you can delete chat history manually. But as most of you fellow geeks know, we live in an increasingly less private world. So as a privacy advocate, I think it’s an important feature to not save chat history if it’s our personal choice, without having to remember to click delete after every chat.

It was suggested to me that I can post my feature request here as an idea topic, and if they get enough users to agree it’s an wanted feature they will add it to em client.

So please vote for this feature if you also think it should be part of the chat experience.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion.
We’ll be looking into this.


This is a key feature missing for me to start using the chat function of the software. Right now im using it for email, contacts and calender but until this option is implemented I wont be using the chat function. Google Hangouts in itself allows for chat without message recording but even with that function turned on on google’s side the history is kept independently on eM client.

Hi Adam, unfortunately it’s not possible to disable chat logging in eM Client, but you can always delete the chat history manually, also while you have the history saved on your computer, it’s not saved anywhere else than your local computer storage. To delete the chat history manually go to Tools > Settings > Instant Messaging > Clear Chat History.

Hope this helps,