Disable auto update

How can I disable automatic update? I use a former version (still 3.5:) of eM client for the contacts feature in chat panel which was completely dropped out of the latest release…
It keeps notifying me to update which I don’t want at all.

Contact me at wilson@emclient.com - I will disable the update notifications for your license.

Still no change. It keeps bothering me…

Try to re-activate your license - it should help to recognize the changes. Please inform me of the result by email. Thank you.

Me too. I find the update notices intrusive. I’ll update when i am ready and will do it by downloading the latest version. How can i turn off these popups?

Hi, is it possible to disable auto-update? Since updating to v7.1.30453.0 none of my email data is available and the restore option does not work. I have since downgraded to v6.0.24928

Hi, Same question for me.  I prefer v6 not v7.  How can I disable the notice to update each time I start emClient?  I look forward to your answer.