Disable account

Hello eM team,

I have a lot of email accounts. Most of them I only need every now and then.

It would be great if I could deactivate and reactivate these accounts at any time (without losing their credentials). A deactivated account would no longer be queried or displayed.

I know about the option “Include when sending/receiving emails”. But that is not the same.

I think there used to be such a feature in older versions and it has been requested a few times by other users.

I think it would be great to bring it back!

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab. Scroll down to Services and untick all of them, then click on Save & Close.

The account will remain setup, but will not connect to the server to send and receive, and will not be displayed in any section of eM Client.

To re-enable it, just tick the services again.

Oh, ok. Thanks, Gary!

Where is this option in version 10 ?

It is the same as it is in 9, so as I described above.

There is no such option in version 10

can you post me a photo

Here is an example of an account in version 9:

And the same account in version 10:

It is EXACTLY the same. Well, we changed the toolbar icons slightly, but the options are the same.

I found the problem to be the resolution of my monitor in Windows, which was cutting these options.

I changed the resolution and now I found these options.