Dim E-Mail Highlight

The e-mail highlight is so dim it is difficult to see which e-mail is being viewed in the list. Same problem with identifying which folder is selected towards the bottom of the screen. Any ideas, apart from having a very dark theme?

Hi Nigel, sorry to see this, unfortunately this can only be resolved using another theme of the application, maybe the classic one where the color coding of selected items are different from the modern theme.

We’re currently working on the upcoming release of eM Client 7 which will be featuring a new UI that will be completely changing the look and feel of the application, I’m afraid no UI changes are planned until it’s release.

Running eM7 but the highlight ‘bar’ indicating which email is visible in the preview pane disappears if you change window eg to copy info from another app. Consequently you have to click on another message to find out where you are!!

Maybe try another theme to see if the problem resolves itself.

hey Gorepe15 - I’m not having this problem using the stock “Dark” theme - maybe try changing the way the message list displays?

to do that go to

menu > tools > settings > appearance > lists

then uncheck “Use alternating colors for rows”

if that doesn’t help, I’d be happy to help you modify the theme you’re using in search of a solution - I’m having fun messing around with them